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The following are pictures of the 12th cav reunion at Branson MO. September 2013  There was another good turn out from Delta Company  and it was another  wonderful experience.
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There are many more pictures.  If you have them, send them to the webmaster.

Delta attendees, L. to R.: R.O. Martin,Luthor Nixon, David Corcoran, Verne Smith, Frank Oxendine, John Gergulis, Tom Kjos, Oscar Rubio, Mike Vankirk, Bob March, Deiter Arnold, Chuck Rose, Dwight Edwards, Carl Simmons, Larry White.  (Not shown:Franlin Smith, Royal Hooker)
Voted the official Delta Drink
Women Attendees L. to R. :  Babes Gergulis, Christy Simmons, Mattie Rubio, Carolyn Edwards, Thelma Smith (Franklin's Wife) Jai Rose, Carolyn Arnold, Carolyn Oxendine.
Heavy Weapons Members:  John Gergulis, Royal Hooker (sitting) Frank Oxendine, Carl Simmons, H.Verne Smith, David Corcoran
Recon Platoon Members:  John Gergulis, Oscar Rubio, Mike Vankirk, Chuck Rose, Deiter Arnold, Dwight Edwards, Bob March, R.O. Martin (R.O. was in RECON in the 101st. and a member in the 11th Air Assault.)
Mortar Platoon:  Larry White with John Gergulis
Rubios and Franklin and Thelma Smith
Delta Lunch.  Thanks to John and Babes Gergulis for arranging and providing.
XO,  Verne Smith
CO and XO
Deiter Arnold and the ladies from the Best of the 60's production who attended the banquet
Verne Smith and Scott March (Bob March's brother) at breakfast
Royal Hooker, seated, and his nephew Joe and Frank Oxendine
Chuck Rose
Carl Simmons
Chuck Rose, Tom Kjos, and John Gergulis
March, Rubio, Oxendine, Nixon
Chuck and Jai Rose
David Corcoran, Bob March
Headquarters Component
Vankirk, Martin, Corcoran
David Corcoran and Babes
Tom Kjos, John Gergulis, and Chuck Rose (?)
Gergulis, Martin, Kjos
Christy, Dwight, Joe, Carl, John, Royal (seated)
Gergulis, Hooker,Oxendine, Simmons, V. Smith, Corcoran
Frank and Carolyn Oxendine
Carl and Christy Simmons
Luthor Nixon and Verne Smith
Dwight and Carolyn Edwards
Jai Rose and Thelma Smith
Frank Oxendine, David Corcoran, Dwight Edwards, Carl and Christy Simmons
Luthor Nixon and Deiter Arnold relaxing
2014 Reunion Photos
XO, Supply,CO, Squad Leader